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What's the difference?

Updated: Mar 18

How is your class different to the NHS or other birth preparation classes?

Choosing to invest in your birth preparation is an important decision. Making sure you choose the right class for you is equally crucial. So how do my classes differ from others?

Firstly lets compare the NHS Free antenatal education.


Stirling Birth School

2 x 2 hour sessions online via Eventbrite

4 x 2.5 hour sessions in person or online

Tells you about Stages of Labour

Stages of Labour explored through group activities and covered in depth.

Tells you about medical Pain Relief options available

ALL Pain Relief options discussed, including alternative pain relief, pros/cons and risks of each.

Tells you about the different places of birth available

Explores places of birth, research and evidence for each, and helps you plan your perfect birth environment.

Tells your about the Induction Process

Explains the induction process, why you might be offered one, evidence for this, and how to make an informed decision if this is right for you.

Tells you about Hospital Bag Checklist

Includes a Hospital Bag Checklist, along with breathing exercises, positions for labour, birth partner massage techniques, birth affirmations, birth mindful colouring and more in a handout pack.

Shows you via video how to wash baby, change baby and advice on feeding.

Involves you and your birth partner in all learning, with demos and time to practise.

Same class for everyone regardless of individual circumstances.

Individualised and tailored to you and your circumstances, even within a group setting.