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Positive Birth Story

Laura and Graham took a 1:1 private course in January. Read all about their fantastic water birth experience below:

"When it came to the birth, I found the breathing techniques were fundamental in handling the contractions. I used the hypnobirthing tracks and breathing whilst labouring at home as well as my birthing comb. When I got to the hospital, I was already 6cm! I think the midwives were a little surprised how far along I was and how well I was managing.

Due to being 6cm it meant I couldn't have diamorphine as a pain option due to it lingering in the baby's system (there was a mention of epidural but it wasn’t something I wanted and I was handling things confidently enough to not consider it).

I had gas and air and a birthing pool (the pool was wonderful at helping the back ache and taking the weight off, plus the warmth was lovely). Keeping the room with low lighting was another element from the course and that all helped too!

I did struggle a little with some of the contractions but Graham who was on the hypnobirthing course with me got me focused on the breaths and kept counting and brought my mind back. He was so supportive, we had discussed what he should say and do and the course really helped his confidence too as he felt so much better informed.

It was so amazing when our little one arrived in the pool and the midwife floated him up to me. I feel really fortunate we got the birth we did. It had its moments but what we learnt in the hypnobirthing course helped so much I can’t thank Heather enough!"

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