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Baby classes in Forth Valley

Now you have had your baby, and begun to adjust to family life and maternity leave, you might be thinking about joining a class or two.

I highly recommend joining classes for a variety of reasons:

  • It gets you out the house! I know this can be a huge ordeal, the mental to-do list of what to pack, nappies, change of clothes, bottles? I even considered a couple time packing a change of clothes for myself as my baby had such bad reflux, but never did. But once you are out, if feels great! It can fill your day and give you a bit more purpose.

  • It is a lovely way to meet other mums. Other mums really get how you are feeling, and are full of wisdom and advice. It does take a village and it is time to meet more of yours!

  • It is a way to bond with your baby, to share lovely experiences together and watch as they gaze in wonder at fairy lights at baby sensory, or their first time in the pool. It really is a magical time.

So which classes are there? Which do you recommend?

It really depends what you are looking for from a class. Is it for you, such as postnatal yoga? Is it for your baby, such as baby sensory? Is it to bond a bit more with your baby, such as baby massage? Or is it to meet other mums-to-be and chat? There are a variety of classes that serve a variety of purposes. Personally I think having 2 or 3 to go to a week is more than enough, and making sure they are different, such as a class more focused to yourself such as postnatal fitness, a class for your baby, and a class you both enjoy.

I do also recommend a try-and-see approach. Give different classes a go and then see what you like and what works with your schedule. I have included a range of classes below, all of which I have either tried or know mums who have recommend them. If you click on the name, it will take you to the class facebook page or website.

Water babies runs all over Forth Valley in various locations. It is expensive, however there is nothing quite like taking your baby swimming. They learn to innately swim underwater and you can get some incredible underwater photo's taken. The prep involved in taking your baby swimming is big - go ready with your swimsuit underneath, take snacks for after and be prepared for them to have an epic nap after too!

From baby classes, to toddler groups, Moo Music is a fun baby sensory music class that will have your baby bobbing along wearing a variety of props, to lying staring at a starry sky on the ceiling. Available throughout Forth Valley, it is also great if you have two children as both can attend the Mixed Moo sessions together but if you are a new mum with just one, then Baby Moo is for you!

This class in Stirling starts as baby massage and develops into more music games as your baby grows. Again with lots of props and music instruments for your baby to enjoy, it is similar to Moo Music but with more of a sensory focus and Kirsty really does put her all into each class. Your baby also gets to wear a graduation cap and gown when they graduate! Too special!

From 6months onwards, for tots and tinies, this class is focused on movement to music and dance, developing coordination skills. Don't just think this is a class for baby girls, as I know several baby boys who have gone and loved it! Boys like a wee bob and dance too!

This is run at the local council libraries for free. Whilst it may seem like your baby is too young to be reading just yet, reading a book to your baby is actually the single best thing you can do to help your baby develop language skills. As a teacher, let me tell you, that being read to is also the only thing found to correlate with academic achievement in later years! Apart from listening to a book, there are also songs to sing and for older children, usually a colouring activity as well. A good drop in rainy day activity.

There is yogabellies for pregnancy, then there is yogabellies for Mum and Baby as well as a postnatal class. Great for taking time for you, both to get your body back with some crucial core stretches and for some self care mindfullness. Highly recommend you give this a try.

From silent disco fitness to circuit classes, as well as sunrise yoga at the Wallace Monument, all with a pram in toe, Jenny is the go-to women if you are looking for a postnatal fitness class that your wee one can attend with you. She has an app for booking that you can find through contacting her on social media.

If live in or near Stirling, this class is an absolute MUST! It is from 6weeks and you join a group who all have babies about the same age. It starts as baby massage and then progresses to more songs and games like baby sensory as your baby grows. But the biggest difference from this class and others is the mum connection. This is a class to meet and bond with other mums. Every class holds space and time to chat about your week and to feel support and connection with other new mums. This is the class for you if you are looking to meet mums to go to coffee with or pram walks with. This is where you will find those people!

If you know of more classes that you would add to this list, please fill in the contact information on my webpage and I will add them on.


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