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Combining the best of the best! 30 Birth Affirmations and 30 Birth Flashcards! 


My Birth Affirmations are a great tool to prepare you mentally to birth your baby. They play a crucial role in helping you to achieve a positive mindset for birth. They also look beautiful and can be displayed around your home to refer to on a daily basis and pinned up around your birthing environment as positive reminders to remain relaxed and calm in birth. 


My Birth Flashcards on the other hand are fantastic cue cards to refer back to in pregnancy and birth. They can be taken to the hospital in printed or digital form and used throughout the birth experience. 

They include: 

  • Using BRAINS to make decisions in birth
  • Tips for Birth Partners
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Tips if Labour slows down
  • Your Birth Rights
  • The Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle
  • What to do when labour starts
  • Comfort Measures for Birth
  • Bonding with Baby

And so much more! 


Altogether there are 60 cards included in this pack. They can be printed however you wish - individually or back to back. Upon purchase you will receive a zip file containing all 60 cards in high quality PNG format as well as a PDF of the cards. 

*Tip to print A5 or smaller, open the PDF in Adobe rather than your browser. Then set your printing to 'multiple' and you can print in A5, 6, 7 or choose to print 12 images on a page and make them keyring sized. Laminate for a waterproof finish - ideal if you are planning to use a birthing pool or to read in the bath! 


This item is for DIGITAL DOWNLOAD only, no physical item will be sent. There are no refunds for digital downloads, but I am happy to help you resolve problems you might have.
You may use these files for PERSONAL USE ONLY. File sharing, distribution, and commercial use of these files are strictly forbidden.



Birth Bumper Pack!

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