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Date and Time flexible



Private Courses (Online)

It's all about you! Our complete course tailored to you and your birth partners preferences. A completely bespoke birth experience.

Private Courses (Online)
Private Courses (Online)

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Date and Time flexible



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Feel calm, confident and well prepared for the birth of your baby, however they make their entrance! Our private courses include our full birth preparation course, a condensed  essentials class or a positive caesarean section workshop. Let go of your fears, embrace the excitement and let The Stirling Birth School equip you with the knowledge and skills to make any birth better.  

With the 1:1 online class it is all about you! We will still cover all the content but it will designed specifically to you and your partner. Prior to working with you, I will arrange a phone call so that we can have a chat and you can let me know any specifics that you would like to be focused on more.  

Find out more about each course below: 

The Complete Birth Preparation Course (10 hours) 

The Essentials Birth Preparation Course (4 hours)

The Positive Caesarean Workshop (3 hours) 

Our Goal - By the end of your course you will: 

  • Look forward optimistically to a safe, calm, comfortable and stress free birth. 
  • Be able to work with your birthing partner more effectively, so that they are better able to support you in birth.
  • Release any fears that may be associated with childbirth. 
  • Trust your body to work naturally and in harmony with your baby. 
  • Be able to stay calm, relaxed and in control throughout your labour. 
  • Gain the positive belief that giving birth can be the most wonderful experience.  

You are going to remember the day you give birth to your baby for the rest of your life. Give you and your baby the best possible start by fully preparing yourself for labour and birth.


  • 1:1 Full Course

    This books you a private 10 hour course in birth preparation for you and your birth partner. The days and times can be agreed by you and your instructor. We understand that due to work and family commitments, not everyone can make a class that is scheduled weekly so with this course, days and times are completely flexible.

    +£6.25 service fee
  • 1:1 Essentials Course

    This books you a 4 hour course delivered in one or two sessions. It is a condensed version of our full course but covers all the essentials. This is ideal if you have left birth preparation until a little late and there isn't much time before baby makes their arrival. Rest assured, there is still time to make a positive difference and we can work together to make this possible.

    +£3.25 service fee
  • 1:1 Positive Caesarean Class

    This course is specifically designed if you have chosen to have an elective caesarean section. It is a 3 hour course delivered over one session covering everything you need to know in order to plan your positive c-section and release any fears associated with a caesarean birth.

    +£1.88 service fee



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