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Do you need a 'Mum Squad'?

Making new friends as an adult. 😬

It’s a weird concept isn’t it. It’s so much harder to open ourselves up to make friends as an adult.

When you’re a kid it’s, “Do you want to play with me?” Job done.

Can you imagine saying that now? 😂

When I was pregnant, I’ll be honest… I was DESPERATE to make pals with other pregnant folk. All I’d ever heard was that group of people would get you through those first few months.

And that your kids best friends parents, become your adult friends.

Cut to me rocking up to the NHS antenatal class, desperate for a chance to chat to other pregnant couples, to find everyone sitting on their own chairs, silently ignoring each other. I was gutted!

But, thankfully I had also joined an antenatal yoga class and met my team of mum friends!

We’re all so different but we’ve got a bond like no other.

We’ve talked perineums, night feeds, mum guilt, mother-in-laws and anything else you can imagine.

I couldn’t have, and still couldn’t, get through it without them.

So I really do know how important meeting your mum friends is, and how difficult it can be.

That's why on my group classes I make sure I facilitate lots of opportunities for you to connect with others. There is always time for a cuppa and a biscuit, informal chats as well as groups chats, time to share and discuss topics, and time to laugh. There is also the added bonus that most of the mums you meet will be at the same stage of your pregnancy journey and really 'get' how you are feeling. I also set up a WhatsApp group chat from Class 1, so that you can start getting to know each other from the start.

Its about building a community of mums, who all believe a positive birth is possible, who share the same values and who together, create a village of support.

And recently something really unexpected and wonderful happened.

I was working 1:1 with a couple who had, in the last few weeks of a straightforward pregnancy, suddenly been recommended an induction. The mum-to-be was shaken and anxious about the process, and whilst we chatted and worked through her anxiety, I also decided to reach out to a past client.

My past client was another 1:1 mum-to-be who had been in the same position. I asked if she would mind me sharing her positive induction birth story with this current mum, to help reassure her. And instead she offered to share her mobile number, for my mum-to-be to message her for support.

So number shared, my previous client is now helping support my current client, even though they have never met, they have bonded by a shared set of circumstances, only 3 months apart from each other.

And that is something I feel so proud of.

When I work with you, either 1:1, in a group class, online or in person, I always feel emotionally invested in your journey. Your birth matters to me. And the fact that this commitment is contagious is something I hadn't realised! The Stirling Birth School has always been about creating a community of women, helping support each other in birth, but in this way, when the women are strangers, is something I had never expected and at the same time I think is an even bigger achievement.

So, if you’d like a chance for connection and friendship with other expectant parents at the same stage, a group Hypnobirthing course could be perfect for you! But if that simply isn't possible or you would prefer a 1:1 class, I will still try to help you find your mum squad if that is important to you.

You can check my availability on the booking page, or just send me a message to get in touch.

Heather xx

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